PDP Reaction: NXT Takeover Unstoppable

The latest NXT Takeover event is in the books. Here’s a quick look back at the event and what I liked and didn’t like.

#1 Contender’s Match: Finn Balor pinned Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze’s entrance was amazing. They cover Hideo Itami’s injury by saying he was attacked in the parking lot and insinuating that it was Kevin Owens that did the damage. Oh and as awesome as Tyler’s entrance was…Balor’s was pretty amazing as well. You know you have something when you get a “That as awesome” chant from a ring entrance.

This was a solid opener. I think these guys have a better match in them but the fans ate this up. Loved the double-stomp by Balor from the ring apron to the outside. Balor also hit a big dive and the fans chanted “Please Don’t Die” a la Paul London in ROH. Balor’s win makes sense here especially with Kevin Owens expected to retain later in the show.

Charlotte/Bayley beat Emma/Dana Brooke when Charlotte pinned Emma

Brooke is definitely green but it’s good for her to get some experience in matches like this. This wasn’t great by any means but it was still better than the women’s tag-match from Payback. Brooke’s blown spot at the end of the match will definitely be a lesson for her from Sara del Rey.

Baron Corbin pinned Rhyno

This was good for what it was and it’s the best that I’ve seen Corbin look. The brawling style of the match definitely fit both Rhyno and Corbin. Corbin won with his “End of Days” finisher. I believe that’s the second job Rhyno’s done in NXT so it will be interesting to see where they go from here with him (as well as where Corbin goes from here).

NXT Tag-Title Match: Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy (c) beat Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady 

This was a fun tag-match. Blake & Murphy have really improved since they got the tag straps. Big Cass looked like a star in this match. Alexa Bliss attacked Carmella on the outside and then interfered in the match leading directly to Blake & Murphy retaining.

NXT Women’s Title Match: Sasha Banks (c) defeated Becky Lynch by submission

This was a really good match. Not much else to say but it’s going to be tough for any of the other women on the WWE or NXT roster to top this one.

NXT Title Match: Kevin Owens (c) and Sami Zayn battled to a no contest

This was a lot more balanced than their first match in NXT with Zayn taking it to Owens. Zayn even nailed him with a dragon suplex. The tide looked like it turned when Owens countered a tornado DDT with a backbreaker but Zayn hit an exploder suplex into the turnbuckle and then hit another one the outside of the ring. Zayn then got caught on the outside as Owens power-bombed him into the ring apron. As the refs tried to check on Zayn to see if he could continue, Owens continued to attack. Owens drug Zayn back into the ring and William Regal hit the ring to get Owens off of Zayn but Owens wouldn’t listen which resulted in Regal trying to physically stop Owens. Owens knocked Regal down and returned to the ring with a chair and as he was about to use it on Zayn….

Samoa Joe made his way to the ring.

Joe and Steen went face to face in the ring. Owens backed off and Joe got right back in his face. Owens then took a powder as he said “this is my house” as he went backstage. Owens came back out and thought about going after Joe in the ring but thought better of it as he said “not tonight”.


Overall this was a solid show. There weren’t any “bad” matches on the card. The show may not have delivered that “special” match that some of the others have, it was still a solid show from top to bottom and delivered an interesting debut and angle at the end of the show.

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